Tyler Kukla (postdoctoral fellow, NOAA climate & global change)

Interests: land-atmosphere interactions and their effects on the global distribution of forests and grasslands in Earth history.

Matthew Koszuta (PhD student)

Interests: Regional impacts of global warming on the western US hydroclimate, and especially orographic precipitation.

Andrew Mandovi (MS student)

Interests: global hydrologic cycle and water isotopes; local and regional responses to climate change; ice-ocean-atmosphere interaction; Atlantic meridional overturning circulation; planetary climates.

Sawyer Veliz (MS student)

Interests: Mechanisms controlling variability and change in global hydroclimate and precipitation isotopes.

Past group members

Andreas Sandino (undergraduate; now a grad student at Penn State)

Alan Huston (undergraduate; now a grad student at San Jose State)

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Oregon State University