Matthew Koszuta (grad student)

I study the regional impacts of global warming on the western US hydroclimate. I’m especially interested in the mechanisms governing the change in orographic precipitation, which is not well constrained theoretically and not well resolved in global climate models.

Andrew Mandovi (grad student)

I study the relationship between the global hydrologic cycle and water isotopes. I’m also interested in local and regional responses to climate change, ice-ocean-atmosphere interaction, Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, and planetary climates.

Past group members

Andreas Sandino (undergraduate; now a grad student at Penn State)

Andreas ran numerical simulations investigating the influence of the Blob on a strong storm that impacted the PNW in September 2014.

Alan Huston (undergraduate; now a grad student at San Jose State)

Alan wrote his senior thesis examining the relative importance of forced vs. natural climate variability on glacier fluctuations over the last millennium. This work was also published in The Cryosphere.

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Oregon State University